Local regulation - we follow then in addition to FAI sporting rules

Local regulation

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Location of headquarters - for IT and other work in the comp

HQ location

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Area: Vipava valley, Soča valley
HQ: Pizzeria Anja, Budanje 3C, Vipava, Slovenia (N 45°52.098084' / E 13°56.082')
Registration: 16. march 2020, reserve date 23. march, 17:00 - 20:00 hour
Competiton time: 17. - 21. march 2020, reserve date 24. march - 28. march 2020

Organization: Zmajarsko društvo Prelet Šentrupert
Competition manager: Ivan Brovč
Competition assistant: Herman Pečevnik

IT manager: Brett Janaway
IT manager assistant: Rok Kukovec

Max number of competitiors: 70

Important: in order to ensure participation in the competition is mandatory to pay part of entry fee, 50 EUR, when registering on pilot list on this web site. The payment have to be done by PayPal - you can use PayPal account or pay by credit or debit card which can be done by the same PayPal system as well. After click on Save button you'll be redirected to PayPal.

Refund policy: The 25 eur refund will take place in case the competition will be completly canceled (not even starting the competition). The refund will be done through the PayPal, the transaction fees are enforced by their transaction fee policy.

Aeros reserves the right to personally invite some pilots of their choice in addition to max number of confirmed pilots, according to their judgement with the intention of raising the quality level of the competition.

Entry fee: 150 EUR
Transport to take-off: 40 EUR
Retrival: 40 EUR

Transport will be provided according to available number of vehicles.

Take-off: Kovk 890m ASL (N 45°53.383254' / E 13°57.033288'), Lijak 582m ASL (N 45°57.816012' / E 13°43.398'), Kobala 1080m ASL (N 46°10.866624' / E 13°46.799982')
Official landing place: Log pri Vipavi 110m ASL (N 45°52.098084' / E 13°56.082'), Livešče 65m ASL(N 45°56.832048' / E 13°42.702024'), Tolmin 181m ASL (N 46°11.14998' / E 13°43.249968')

Competition schedule

16th march: Registration (17:00 - 20:00 hour)
17. 21. march: competition days
21. march evening: closing ceremony

In case of reserve date:
23. march: registration (17:00 - 20:00 hour)
24. march – 28. march: competition days
28.  march evening: closing ceremony

Daily schedule:
10:00 published info about day's take-off place
10:30 official transport leaves to take-off
12:30: pilots briefing on take-off
17:00: last landing
17:00 - 19:00: Report back and data downloads
19:30: unofficial results

General rules All matters about flying are based on FAI/CIVL Sporting Code (General Section in Section 7) and slovenian rule book for hangliding national championships. Competition has FAI class 2 ranking (O1), thus FAI sporting licence for class (O1) is mandatory. Competitor is attending and competing on his own responsibility, which he/she confirms by signing waiver provided by organizer at registration. Flying is on pilots own responsibilitiy and driven by pilots own wish for flying.

Entry fee includes: Info folder, souvenir with competition logo, lunch packet, closing ceremony, GPS data management, weather forcast, take-off and landing fees.

Prizes provided by Aeros company