Task 4 has just finished, with most of the pilots in goal. It was a strong racing day with high average speed of the winner, Matjaž Klemenčič 65 km/h. Second was Arne Tanzer and Tom Weissenberger third.

Overall results are as followed:

1. Thomas Weissenberger
2. Balazs Ujhelyi

3. Franc Peternel

The closing ceremony will start at 18:30 in HQ at Pizzerija Anja.


Strong SW winds were predicted this morning, so we left to Kovk launch earlier. We decided on task only on the east half of the valley - we prepared kind off two lap task, 93 km in length. Right now pilots are somwere at the end of lap one, we expect many pilots in goal in short time. 

Weather forcast calls for rather strong SW winds, up to 10 m/s of general wind. We are going to Kovk launch; loading gliders on official transport vans will start as usual at 10 am, but the briefing on launch will start half an hour earlier than previous days, at noon.

Today's task was obviously duable! 14 pilots made to the goal, regardless of realy tough conditions. Tom Weissenberger won the day by 6 minutes ahead of Franc Peternel, followed by Matjaž Klemenčič by 12 minutes. Overall Franc Peternel is in the lead ahead of Tom Weissenberger and Balazs Ujhelyi. Tomorow is last day of the competition, we are expecting another good day to finish the event in style.

We had an encouraging weather forcast today, so we set rather chalenging task using the complete length of the Vipava valley, with a leg out to the flats. The pilots are now on the way to the third turnpoint and we will soon see if the task is duable.

The south-westerly winds finaly set in. Today we will go to the Kovk launch.Loading gliders on the official transport will leave the HQ at 10am. It should be another good day!

Today we set the task according to morning wether forcast - however the weather has the mind of it's own and was different than forcasted. Anyway 121 km long task was not to hard for at least 10 pilots by now, and a lot there still some flying. Our thoughts are with Oleg, who is in the hospital after blown launch, hopefully with no major injuries.