Just a brief update. We're still working on formalities of acquiring the permit for the competition. Date of registration will be published one week before the opening. The news will be posted here as well as on the official Aeros Winter Race facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aerosAWR/

See you!
Dear competitors!
Everyone, who wants to fly with us, can join us on the way to the top of Kovk tomorrow for free flying. It is free for all competitors.
We meet at pizzeria Anja, loading the gliders at 11am.
See you!

Today, the task was cancelled because of safety concerns regarding the strong Bora wind in the Kovk area.

The prize-giving ceremony will be at 6 PM at Pizzerija Anja.

See you at the event!

The weather is slightly better than yesterday. We will fly at Lijak again.

Lunch packets are available at pizzeria Anja from 9AM to 10AM.

Transport to take-off at Lijak landing at 10:30AM.

After you land, you must bring the tracker to Pizzeria Anja, as there will be a closing ceremony with dinner.

As the wind got calmer, we decided that today we will fly at Lijak.

You can collect your lunch packets at Pizzeria Anja between 9AM and 10AM.

We will be loading the gliders for transport to take-off at the landing place of Lijak at 10:30AM.

Today you can watch the competition LIVE!

See you

Due to the dangerously strong NE wind, the todays task is canceled. The wind only got stronger compared to yesterday and the situation will not improve until the afternoon. Because of this, the registration is extended today from 9AM to 10AM. You may claim lunch packets in that time.

We wish you a good day off

Todays task is cancelled due to strong wind in a wrong direction, which will only get stronger in the afternoon.
Registration and lunch packets will be available from 9AM until noon at Pizzerija Anja.

We invite you to join us today at 7PM at Hiša mladih for a short opening ceremony and free dinner.

A nice number of you showed up today despite the forcast is not good looking for the first day of the competition. The registration will continue tomorrow from 9AM until noon at Pizzeria Anja. Whoever did not recieve the updated waypoints (Compeo instrument users) can also do that tomorrow. We have solved the technical issue.

We wish you a good evening.