We are getting used to extremly fast filling up registration slots for Aeros winter race. It's nice that pilots like this competition so much! So, first 60 places are filled - the only way to get into competition is throught Aeros VIP invitation! 

Today we had another chalenging weather condition with a lot of NE wind. We set 69 km long task with 8 pilots in goal. Overall Kajo Clauss won the competition followed by Peter Neuenschwander and Marco Laurenzi. 

The forcasts are saying that bura wind will continue loosing it's power. So we are going to Lijak launch, BUT official transport will start from HQ at Pizzerija Anja, at 10 am.

Finnaly we got some nice weather, not only flyable but taskable. The NE winds died down, but not completly so we had to stick to the east side of Vipava valley. 18 pilots managed to get to goal, many of them ended just short of last turn point. Anyway there were a lot of happy faces at goal. Tomorrow we hope for another nice task to end another Aeros Winter Race.

The weather is improving. Wind died down over the night by half at least. We are going to Lijak again, same schedule as yesterday: 10:30 we meet at Lijak landing place to load the gliders on official transport. Keeping finger cressed that weather forcast will became true.

Our hopes for flying day was canned soon after we arrived on Lijak launch place. The general NE wind (burja) was not slowing down. So we had kind of waiting game, and we were going to loose. Anyway we tried... Tomorrow looks much better wind wise, so hopefully we will finnaly get a chance to fly.

The weather forcast gives us some hope to make the task today. We will go to Lijak launch place. 

We will start loading gliders at landing place Lijak at 10:30, and vans will depart as soon as possible. Lunch for pilots will be in the blue van.

As expected the wind today is way to strong for flying, let alone it's (wrong) direction. Therefore pilots will start the competition with free day with some time to prepare for tomorrow, when chances for flying are much higher, due to predicted changes in air pressure over our area.

However, there will be a free dinner for all pilots today.
We meet in Pizzerija Anja (HQ) at 18:00 hours.