aeros2520winter2520race2520578We are almost half way through the registration qouta. Those of you, who did not choose to pay 30 eur (ticket like fee) have to understand that your spot in the comp is not guaranteed. If you choose to pay later, you can use the PayPal link in the registration confirmation mail. Anyway you'll get a chance to register at the end (timing is to be published yet) of the registration period at the begining of the comp - until we fill the pilot number limit - "first come first serve" scenario.

Everbody is welcome, of course, so if you are to late to get into the comp you can fly with us as pre or post flyer - this has obvious nothing to do with competition entry fee.

Anyway, this year we will not close down the online registration, until the few days (technical reasons) prior the comp. The max pilots number is defined by the PayPal system - when you get to the PayPal and you see "sold out" statement you know that you are on the waiting list.

And for those of you, who can't use PayPal (and you registered online) please contact us about other payment methods - just don't wait to long.