We are getting closer and closer to the opening of 9th edition of Aeros Winter Race - it is just a month away! We are preparing everything needed to make another successful competition. And it is a lot to do! Anyway we are monitoring the weather develepment as well - and we hope that winter will let go soon enough to get some nice competition days! As always we are aiming to the first set of dates - we will announce the decision  on this web page on march 15th during the day, that is thursday before the comp. So stay tuned...

We are getting used to extremly fast filling up registration slots for Aeros winter race. It's nice that pilots like this competition so much! So, first 60 places are filled - the only way to get into competition is throught Aeros VIP invitation! 

So, the registration has opened. It seems that things are going smothly, at this moment we have 46 pilots registered. If you are haveing any difficultes with the registration or PayPal payment please let us know. If you made your payment you must get "Yes" by your name on the regsitration list! To get any news fast, please follow us on our FB page.

Aeros confirmed dates for Aeros Winter Race 2018. We will start at the end of march, check Basics, similar as last year.

In the mean time we prepared new facebook page, where we will publish news from this web page and some other less important stuff. If you follow https://www.facebook.com/aerosAWR/ you won't miss anything important.

The registration will open on sunday november 19th, 2017. More details you can find in Basics and local regulations when they'll get published...

It's time to start with preparation for Aeros Winter Race 2018. Currently we are waiting to Aeros to confirm (or not) proposed dates for 9th edition of AWR. We will annonuce info as soon as possible on this web site and on facebook - will publish link here when ready.

Task 4 has just finished, with most of the pilots in goal. It was a strong racing day with high average speed of the winner, Matjaž Klemenčič 65 km/h. Second was Arne Tanzer and Tom Weissenberger third.

Overall results are as followed:

1. Thomas Weissenberger
2. Balazs Ujhelyi

3. Franc Peternel

The closing ceremony will start at 18:30 in HQ at Pizzerija Anja.


Strong SW winds were predicted this morning, so we left to Kovk launch earlier. We decided on task only on the east half of the valley - we prepared kind off two lap task, 93 km in length. Right now pilots are somwere at the end of lap one, we expect many pilots in goal in short time. 

Weather forcast calls for rather strong SW winds, up to 10 m/s of general wind. We are going to Kovk launch; loading gliders on official transport vans will start as usual at 10 am, but the briefing on launch will start half an hour earlier than previous days, at noon.