The south-westerly winds finaly set in. Today we will go to the Kovk launch.Loading gliders on the official transport will leave the HQ at 10am. It should be another good day!

Today we set the task according to morning wether forcast - however the weather has the mind of it's own and was different than forcasted. Anyway 121 km long task was not to hard for at least 10 pilots by now, and a lot there still some flying. Our thoughts are with Oleg, who is in the hospital after blown launch, hopefully with no major injuries.

The burja wind has decreased but not stopped yet. We will use the Lijak launch today, we will start loading gliders on official transport vans at 10:00 at HQ Pizzerija Anja. We expect that burja will stop during the day so the goal might be at HQ - however the final decision about that will be accepted later. 

One more important info: tonight we will prepare free dinner for all pilots at Hiša mladih, where we had the registration. The event will start at 19:00, with the interesting speakers, Sergiy Drobyshev from Aeros and allaround flyer Stane Kranjc.

We finnaly got all the tracks and were able to publish the results. As you can see (klik) we had most of the pilots in goal - which always results in a lot of happy faces. Further more, we are having two pilots, who entered their first FAI sanctioned competition and were able to get the first goal on the first task. Congratulations!
It seems that the weather is changing for tomorow and guess what - it is should be better than today!

Today the short 61 km task was set - there was still fairly strong burja wind on the east of flying area. The pilots are in the air right now, some of them flying towards the 7th turn point - the second one out on the other side of the valley... it seems we'll have a lot of pilots in goal. Nice first day of the comp!

Today we will use Lijak launch due to still present NE winds. We will start loading the gliders at 10:30 on the landing place under Lijak launch. The task briefing will be on Lijak launch at 12:30. There is a slight possibility to use landing place at HQ (Pizzerija Anja) as goal, but the decision about that is dependand on wind speed development during the day.

So, the weather forcast looks excellent for the next week - we can expect realy nice comptetiton. The registration will start on Tuesday, march 28th at 17:00 hrs, in registration office at "Hiša mladih" in Ajdovščina, the sam place as last year.
Don't forget to bring your GPS kabel whith you (I bet you allready packed your other gear)!
See you on Tuesday!