Today we will use Lijak launch due to still present NE winds. We will start loading the gliders at 10:30 on the landing place under Lijak launch. The task briefing will be on Lijak launch at 12:30. There is a slight possibility to use landing place at HQ (Pizzerija Anja) as goal, but the decision about that is dependand on wind speed development during the day.

So, the weather forcast looks excellent for the next week - we can expect realy nice comptetiton. The registration will start on Tuesday, march 28th at 17:00 hrs, in registration office at "Hiša mladih" in Ajdovščina, the sam place as last year.
Don't forget to bring your GPS kabel whith you (I bet you allready packed your other gear)!
See you on Tuesday!

So, according to weather situation we decided to go with the competition on the second set of dates. The registration will start on tuesday march 28th at 17:00 at the registration office as last year - will publish the coordinates later.


So, to make it clear at first: the decision is posponded until tomorow. As you all know the weather situation is realy tricky this year. The disturbtion which is scheduled for the tuesday and wednesday (first day of the comp) is not well evaluated by the meteo people (and math models) yet. The main point is to determine the strenght of it and therefore further influence on weather situation - in simple words this mean: will it rain only on wednesday or it will rain on thursday also and - the most important - will burja wind strike after? I guess I don't need to mention that second set of dates are forcast-wise like in the next century - pure gamble.

So the decision is to make the final call tomorow by the midd day, so all of you can hopefully still have time to arrange your vacation for the forthcoming week.

We will be doing all kind of magic untill tomorow, hopeing for the best possible outcome.

We will publish the information about the start of the competition today later at the evening. It's not an easy call due to the weather development.

Aeros hang gliders

While the weather is slowly wakeing up in spring, organization of Aeros winter race 2017 is at full steam. We are working on many aspects of the competition to provide great time for pilots and their accompanyons both while competing and while relaxing. We are also thinking about different competition frame for AWR 2018 in order to accept many pilots who are left out of the competition due to max pilots number limitation - but let this be to a later time...

Aeros company decided on prizes for this year winners - and yet again we see an amazing prize budget they provide, not only for top 3 pilots, there are very nice prizes up to 10th place as well! You can check that under Basics.

I hope all of you will get some air time (lucky those who are flying on warmer parts of the world) before the comp, to spread your wings and check your gear - a reminder here: for the scoring we accept only flight instruments (GPS devices) which are supported by FS/GPSdump software. No car navigation devices please! And bring you cables whit you ;)

Crossing fingers for the wheather...


The pilot response to Aeros winter race is realy amazing. We allready reached our maximum number of competitors! There are still 10 vacancies in competition which the Aeros company will grant to special pilots - as it does every year.

For those who did not registered or payed in time - thank you for your interest in competing on AWR 2017, you can stil come and fly with us as a free flyer.

The rainy, cold and mostly unflyable part of the year has begun. Fortunatly there is just few months from now, in march 2017, when the new edition of Aeros Winter Race will take place. It is the 8th edition!

The organizators are getting busy allready - to prepare everything to host the best pilots in region - and this region is filled with european and world champions, so we expect a top qualitiy meet once again.

We will published all info here, so stay tuned!