The compeition ended in the best possible way - with a lot of pilots in goal. The winner today was Primož Gričar followed by Peter Neuenschwander and Franc Peternel. Overall winner is Primož Gričar second is Franc Peternel and Matjaž Klemenčič on third. Great success for Slovenian pilots and of course the "German Slovenian" Primož Gričar!

Prize giving ceremony

At the moment pilotes are somewhere at 2/3 of a 95km task. The condititons seems very good with some cumulus clouds on the course line. We expect many pilots in goal.

Today we have a similiar weather situation as yesterday, a bit different wind situation - but still winds are staying low and from SW directions. Lift is forcasted a little bit batter than yesterday, but still no clouds though we see some yesterday. The launch place for today will be at Kovk the official transport will be at competition office at 10 to load the gliders and will be leaving until 10:30. The task briefing on launch will be at 12:00.

At the evening we will have a closing ceremeny - as soon as we get all the tracks and print out the results.

Today's task proved to be a tricky one. Two turn points were out in the flats and they were not easy to get. Special 1st "flat" turn point sent to the ground almost half of the field. So nine pilots were clever enough to get to the goal, with Manfred Ruhmer first, Franci Peternel second and Primož Gričar third. All in all the task and flying it self make (almost) everybody happy.

Regarding the weather condidtion we set 113 km long task, combining ridge racing and flatland flying. The pilots are now somewhere half throught the task. It's not an easy task, so we hope to spot some gliders approaching goal soon.

Today we finnaly have no more burja wind - what a relief.We are going to Lijak launch place again - goal will be at Pizzerija Anja so official transport will leave ASAP from there competition office. The task briefing at launch will be at 12:00.

The conditions today on Lijak launch were very nice. Giving the still strong bura wind we waited some time to get in the well known frame of 10m/s on Kovk launch. This never happend - it came close, to 12 m/s but then went back to 14 m/s again. The decision of organizer and safety commity was to cancel the task. Of course all pilots took off to get some free flying - and later report that air was not that bad at all and the task was very possible. Another lesson to learn. Anyway most pilots was happy with the decision as their safety was big consideration. The realitiy is that nice comp day is lost and some pilots let us understand this very clearly - but hey - we knew that allready.

So we hope that forcast for tommorow will come true to have a nice task.

We still have strong bura wind this morning but forcast is that it will stop during the day. So the decision is to go to the Lijak launch place. We start loading gliders on official transport at 10:30 at Lijak landing place - the Lijak landing place will be the goal field for today. The task briefing will start at 12:30, any further information about the task will be given at briefing.