There is only one month left to the start of the Aeros Winter Race 2016. It seems that everybody is getting ready; flying on warmer parts of the world, flying in Vipava valley (Matjaz Klemencic did nice winter flight), ordering spare parts to prepare the wings for new (northeren hemispher) season. Aeros also worked a lot on the Combat C - it realy looks very clean and of course we hope to see it in the action on Aeros Winter Race. In the mean time Aeros changed their prize policy for the AWR, you can see details on the our home page.

It seems that this year will be no well recoginzed competition, Kobala open, on calendar of HG competitions in Slovenia; instead there will be a Slovenian open champinship "Slovenian national champinoship SLO Cviček open 2016" - it will take place at the end of june. Short explanation for non-slovenian friends: word "Cviček" in the name of the comp is the name of excellent local wine, I'm sure, that friendly locals will make really good atmosphere, beside nice flying in south-eastern part of Slovenia.

The pilots list shows that we have more than 80 pilots registered and 60 of them payed the 30 eur "entry ticket" as well. So our qouta of 60 pilots is reached - we are full. Only 10 pilots more will be accepted to the competition - and those will be chosen by Aeros.

The preparation for the competition continues by collecting data about logistics for the comp, for example 40 pilots needs ride to the take off, allmost 30 need retreiving - so we have some organization to do!

It seems that we will have a quality competition here - a lot of great pilots signed in, world champions among them! And most important: we keep our fingers crossed for luck with his majesty, the weather.

REGISTRATION for Aeros Winter Race 2016 is open. You are welcome to register, this year we decided to increase the number of accepted pilots due to improved launch areas which can accept more pilots now. As always you are urged to prepay part of entry fee (30 eur) to reserve your spot in the competition!

We are happy to finnaly announce the dates of the Aeros Winter Race 2016. We set the competition at the middle (or towards the end) of march 2016, to let the spring evolve a bit. Aeros have decided to introduce some changes about prizes and overall competition setting - but more on that later. You can read more about dates and competition schedule under basics.

Aeros winter race has been covered by the biggest slovenian commercial TV (POP TV) - here is the video they broadcast in prime-time informational broadcast (video) - thanks to Matjaž Klemenčič.

And some photos, thanks to Polona Ježek (here) and Andrej Mravlje (here).

Todays 60 km task concluded the Aeros Winter Race 2015. 60 km seems short but it was challenging task - 12 pilots reached the goal. The fastest was Primož Gričar (Aeros Combat C) closely followed by Anton Moroder (Icaro2000 Laminar 13,2) and Marco Laurenzi (Moyes Litespeed Rs). Overall Primož got to the first place, second is Anton Moroder and third Eli Cataldi.

Later we will publish some photos about the race...

After the saftey comittie brifeng at Lijak landing place we decided to go to the launch place set a task and carefully monitor the wind situation. Winds died down to the limit so the pilots are in the air on the 60 km task. The sky over the Lijak ridge is overcasted now, but it seems that clodbase works well. Hopefully we will soon see the first pilots in goal.

Today we have strong NE (bura) wind up to 13 m/s again. Some forcasts call for overcasted skies early in the day. The decision is to make, similar as on second day, the safety comitiee briefing on Lijak landing place at 11am - so we all meet at 11am at Lijak landing field.
If the decision will be to try with the task the official transport will depart from Lijak landing field at 11:30 and the task briefing will be at 13:00 at Lijak launch.