We had a pleasent few hours in worlds best ultra light planes production company Pipistrel. The Pipistrel'r PR Taja Boscarol had great presentation about their company, history, production, planes and the future. Apperently the founder and overall boss Ivo Boscarol is not from planet Earth at all - his ideas are not only out-of-the-box but out-of-the-planet as well.

Giving the weather situation and the fact that wind is not getting slower on the eastern part of Vipava valley we decided to cancel today's task. However we organize excursion to the Pipistrel factory. They produce the ultra light and general aviation planes - it will be interesting for sure.

At the evening at 6pm we organize a free dinner for all Aeros Winter Race 2016 pilots at Pizzerija Anja. Welcome!

Tommorow we proced as scheduled!

Giving the strong NE wind in the area and knowing about the reputation of the eastern launch (Lijak) we decided to pospond the decision about today's task. We are monitoring the situation to make a good decision - anyway the final decision will be accepted and published until 11AM.

So registration went well last night... most of pilots are here so the race can begin as planed. The first glance of todays weather shows not very strong but persistant E winds, even under Lijak, the most likely launch place for today. The decision about the action will be made as scheduled, somewhere until 10am.

After carefully examinig the forcast for next week we decided to go for the first set of dates. So the first competition day is wednesday, March 16! The registration will be open (only) on Tuesday, March 15, at 5 PM and will be opened until 8 PM.

IMPORTANT: the registration it self will not take place at the competition office (Pizzerija Anja) but in the Youth Center in Ajdovscina - this is about 4 km west from competition office - click here for directions (https://goo.gl/maps/YvDWbZhv1uR2). Remeber: this is only for the registration, every other day-to-day operation will be at comptetion office in Pizzerija Anja as usualy.

If you are not, you better get ready - it is getting close! The decision about the competition dates will be accepted and published next Thursday (march 10) sometime during the day. We had a lot of bad weather last month so we hope for nice weathe on the first set of dates.

What do you need to get ready? glider (don't forget that one), harness, helmet, flight instrument (bring your own cable as well!), pilots licence, FAI licence, insurance,... you've got the point :)

See you all soon!


There is only one month left to the start of the Aeros Winter Race 2016. It seems that everybody is getting ready; flying on warmer parts of the world, flying in Vipava valley (Matjaz Klemencic did nice winter flight), ordering spare parts to prepare the wings for new (northeren hemispher) season. Aeros also worked a lot on the Combat C - it realy looks very clean and of course we hope to see it in the action on Aeros Winter Race. In the mean time Aeros changed their prize policy for the AWR, you can see details on the our home page.

It seems that this year will be no well recoginzed competition, Kobala open, on calendar of HG competitions in Slovenia; instead there will be a Slovenian open champinship "Slovenian national champinoship SLO Cviček open 2016" - it will take place at the end of june. Short explanation for non-slovenian friends: word "Cviček" in the name of the comp is the name of excellent local wine, I'm sure, that friendly locals will make really good atmosphere, beside nice flying in south-eastern part of Slovenia.

The pilots list shows that we have more than 80 pilots registered and 60 of them payed the 30 eur "entry ticket" as well. So our qouta of 60 pilots is reached - we are full. Only 10 pilots more will be accepted to the competition - and those will be chosen by Aeros.

The preparation for the competition continues by collecting data about logistics for the comp, for example 40 pilots needs ride to the take off, allmost 30 need retreiving - so we have some organization to do!

It seems that we will have a quality competition here - a lot of great pilots signed in, world champions among them! And most important: we keep our fingers crossed for luck with his majesty, the weather.