The NE wind today was to strong to make a safe task, so after the safety comitiee briefing at landing place, we decided to cancel the day. Afterwards we checked the wind on Lijak launch and found out that the wind on take off place itself was from the back as well.

The wheater forcast for tomorow looks much better, the first info about the task will publish at 8am.

Today we have strong NE (bura) wind up to 13 m/s. The decision is to make the safety comitiee briefing on Lijak landing place at 11am - so we all meet at 11am at Lijak landing field.
If the decision will be to try with the task the official transport will depart from Lijak landing field at 11:30 and the task briefing will be at 13:00 at Lijak launch.

Forcast for tomorow is for much less wind and therefore we are certian to have a nice task then.

So the first day is over. Primož Gričar, SLO (Aeros Combat 12,7 C) won the day in front of Elio Cataldi ITA (Moyes Litespeed RX) and Anton Moroder ITA (Icaro2000 Laminar 13.2). It was only 13 seconds dividing the first and second in goal. Goal also reached Franc Peternel 10 minuts behind the third, Florian Gostner reached the end of speed section but was 300 meters short of goal. The weather closed down for everybody else force them to land along the course. Anyway it was well set task, luckily using the short usefull part of the day.

For tomorow the 30 km/h NE wind is forcasted, but giving the sunny day it might be possible to fly on Lijak again. More info about that will be published here tomorow morning before 9 am.

20150311 124348The first task of this year Aeros Winter Race was 50 km long, by now (15:30) 4 pilots made all the way to the goal. We new that we have very narrow taskable window today, so we hurry to get everbody of the ground as soon as possible. Right now the sky is overcasted allready, with north wind setting in, killing whats left of the thermal day.


Today we are going to western launch place Lijak. We will start to load official transport vans at 10, and they will be leaving at 10:30.

Different weather forcasts does not agree on wind direction, but they agree that taskable day might be kind of short - so we need to be ready soon enough.

20150310 175838Today started registration at 5pm. The wast majoritie of pilots showed up, but we still waiting for some top ones, like Oleg, Primoz, Tom and some others... We expect them tomorrow morning. It seems that weather will give us only short window for the task - but lets wait for morning forcast.


aeros2520winter2520race2520558The weather looks promising so the Race will start on first set of dates on tuesday, march 10 at 17:00 hour with pilot registration as scheduled. You can read more about competition schedule here.

See you soon!



combatcThe Aeros Winter Race 2015 is getting close. The decision about dates of the race start will be published on thursday, 5th of march. As usually we are waiting on weather gods, we will listen to them very carefully :) Hopefully they will allow us to race on first set of dates. But let's wait until thursday...