So the first day is over. Primož Gričar, SLO (Aeros Combat 12,7 C) won the day in front of Elio Cataldi ITA (Moyes Litespeed RX) and Anton Moroder ITA (Icaro2000 Laminar 13.2). It was only 13 seconds dividing the first and second in goal. Goal also reached Franc Peternel 10 minuts behind the third, Florian Gostner reached the end of speed section but was 300 meters short of goal. The weather closed down for everybody else force them to land along the course. Anyway it was well set task, luckily using the short usefull part of the day.

For tomorow the 30 km/h NE wind is forcasted, but giving the sunny day it might be possible to fly on Lijak again. More info about that will be published here tomorow morning before 9 am.