There is only one month left to the start of the Aeros Winter Race 2016. It seems that everybody is getting ready; flying on warmer parts of the world, flying in Vipava valley (Matjaz Klemencic did nice winter flight), ordering spare parts to prepare the wings for new (northeren hemispher) season. Aeros also worked a lot on the Combat C - it realy looks very clean and of course we hope to see it in the action on Aeros Winter Race. In the mean time Aeros changed their prize policy for the AWR, you can see details on the our home page.

It seems that this year will be no well recoginzed competition, Kobala open, on calendar of HG competitions in Slovenia; instead there will be a Slovenian open champinship "Slovenian national champinoship SLO Cviček open 2016" - it will take place at the end of june. Short explanation for non-slovenian friends: word "Cviček" in the name of the comp is the name of excellent local wine, I'm sure, that friendly locals will make really good atmosphere, beside nice flying in south-eastern part of Slovenia.