So, to make it clear at first: the decision is posponded until tomorow. As you all know the weather situation is realy tricky this year. The disturbtion which is scheduled for the tuesday and wednesday (first day of the comp) is not well evaluated by the meteo people (and math models) yet. The main point is to determine the strenght of it and therefore further influence on weather situation - in simple words this mean: will it rain only on wednesday or it will rain on thursday also and - the most important - will burja wind strike after? I guess I don't need to mention that second set of dates are forcast-wise like in the next century - pure gamble.

So the decision is to make the final call tomorow by the midd day, so all of you can hopefully still have time to arrange your vacation for the forthcoming week.

We will be doing all kind of magic untill tomorow, hopeing for the best possible outcome.